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Palyul Chadongri Tashi Yalpel Ling Monastery – Amdo Golok (Guoluo TAP, Qinghai Province)


Palyul Ling asbl is a non-profit association under Belgian law. Traditionally, the teachings of Buddhism are shared, not as a commodity, but as a gift, free of charge, echoing a tradition steeped in generosity and mindfulness.. To support the activities of Rinpoche and our association, board members and others connected to our centre contribute on a voluntary basis. Your support, whether it comes in the form of membership fees, gifts, or a simple act of kindness, breathes life into our goals. It is through your contributions that Palyul Ling asbl grows stronger, its foundations fortified to carry the weight of our aspirations. Your contribution helps us to build and reinforce the structure of the asbl and its aim to spread the Buddhist dharma in the Rime (ecumenical) tradition, give assistance to the sick and dying, and those otherwise in need. It also contributes to the upholding of our home monastery in Tibet with its spiritual and cultural importance for the nomad communities of the region, their lives intertwined with its legacy. Our deepest aim is to contribute to society by providing a space and place to support and benefit the health and well-being of people. Here, we offer meditation and various spiritual practices aimed at enhancing the wisdom and compassion of all who step through our doors..

Palyul Ling asbl proposes three types of (adhering) membership for the year 2024.

  • Member 1 : annual subscription of at least €40 to be an adhering member.
  • Member 2 : annual subscription of €120, paid either all at once or as a monthly contribution of €10 by means of a standing order.
  • Member 3 “benefactor” : annual subscription of €240, paid either all at once or as a monthly contribution of €20 by means of a standing order.

Members benefit from a reduction of €2 on the contribution to cost for our courses (which is €5).


NAME BENEFICIARY : Palyul Ling Buddhist Centre

IBAN : BE66 9676 0973 0343 – BIC : TRWIBEB1XXX


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Palyul Ling Buddhist Centre asbl

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